"I have no great illusions about the appreciation of my work. He who wants to accomplish something really good or useful must neither count on nor want the approval or appreciation of the general public.  I think one must be satisfied if one succeeds in convincing a few people of the seriousness of one's intentions and is understood by them without flattery"

     "I want those who look at my paintings to feel that they are witnesses to a second of eternity, raising their vision to a level outside the confines of time."

      "If what one is doing looks out upon the infinite, and if one sees that one's work has its raison d'etre and continuance in the future, then one works with more serenity."

Alexander Barnett films Eyes of Van Gogh Please with his work Alexander Barnett Room in asylum

      "The result must be an action, not an abstract idea.  I approve of principles and I think them  worthwhile only when they develop into actions."

      "Our work remains and we do not, and the main thing is to create."